Man showing 4 exercises for a 30 minute workout routine for beginners

Are you tired of watching YouTube Workout routines that are way too hard for you? Are you frustrated because you can’t keep up with the shown exercises, sets and reps without sacrificing proper form? Well, the following 30 minute workout routine for beginners is perfect for you. The purpose of this routine is not only to lose some calories and get in shape, it’s also designed to get more mobile, improve your posture and build more body awareness and control.

What you will learn in this article:

Warm up

Here you do some common warm up exercises and also work on your mobility. In this way you not only got all the benefits from a regular warm up you also save some time for improving your mobility as well.  In contrast to passive stretching you won’t compromise your performance in the following workout later. Passive stretching is also not a must and active mobility work is often way more effective and superior.


Man doing Jogging & High Knee Pulls during  a Workout routine

To warm up properly you start with jogging in place for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of high knee pulls. Repeat this 1 more time and you’re ready to continue with the mobility exercises. Always keep in mind that this is just the warm up, so don’t push yourself too far. You can vary the exercises very easily by increasing or decreasing the speed of them.

Overhead Squats

  • Man doing Overhead Squats
  • Man doing Overhead Squats for Beginner vs Expert

When it comes to the mobility exercises you start with the overhead squat for 40 seconds. Only go that deep that you are able to keep your heels on the ground and that you can do it with a straight spine and straight arms. Don’t worry if you can’t go all the way down, that’s totally normal for a beginner. So no matter how deep you can go, this exercise is still very effective for your hip, ankle, spine and shoulder mobility. Just aim for perfect form and try to squat deeper from workout to workout.

Quadruped Reach

  • Man doing Quadruped Reach during a  Beginner routine
  • Man doing Quadruped Reach during a Workout routine

You continue this warm up with the quadruped reach. Here you do 30 seconds on the left and 30 seconds on the right. Try to rotate your body as much as you can and reach as far as possible without bending the supporting arm. Your head always follows the reach of the arm. 

Cobra Shrug

  • Man doing Cobra Shrug during a 30 minute workout routine
  • Man doing Cobra Shrug during a Workout routine

The next exercise is the cobra shrug. Here you try to extend your spine and push your shoulder blades down. Do this for 30 seconds until you continue with the next exercise. To make this movement a little bit more challenging you can also release the knees from the ground. 

Shoulder Extension Butterfly Sit

  • Man doing Shoulder Extension Butterfly Sit during a Beginner Workout
  • Man doing Shoulder Extension Butterfly Sit during a Workout routine

The last mobility exercise is the shoulder extension butterfly sit. Here you extend your arms while pulling the shoulderblades together. At the same time you move your feet towards your body while keeping the knees as close to the ground as possible.

Do this for 30 seconds and then start with the overhead squat again. Repeat one more round of all mobility exercises until you start with the strength part. All of the shown mobility exercises can easily be adapted to your level by simply decreasing the range of motion. So just work with your current level and try to improve yourself step by step.

Exercises for strength and muscle building

Here you work on your strength and build muscle with basic compound exercises. You do one push, one pull and one leg exercise. With these 3 movements you work a lot of muscles at the same time. You get a great mix between upper and lower body work and of course the right proportion between the muscles on the front and backside of your body. This ensures an evenly trained body and helps you to avoid imbalances

Push Ups

  • Man doing Push Ups during a Beginners training
  • Man doing Push Ups

Here you do 3 sets of Push Ups for 6-10 reps and 2 minutes rest in between. Of course we know that most beginners struggle to do even 1 clean push up on the ground so if you aren’t able to train in the 6-10 rep range for all 3 sets you have to adapt the push up. You could either do knee or incline push ups. The incline push up has the benefit that you can vary the difficulty easily by changing the height of the object. If you do this routine at home you can do it on 2 chairs, a table or even on your couch.


  • Man doing Rows with chairs during a Workout at Home
  • Man doing Rows during a home workout

Now it´s time for rows. Again for 6-10 reps and 2 minutes rest in between the sets. If you train at home and got no access to a low bar, a sling trainer or rings, you could do it on 2 chairs. It’s possible to hold yourself on the chairs directly but it’s also possible to use a broomstick. Don’t worry too much if you can’t extend your arms all the way. The most important thing is to activate your back by moving your shoulders backwards and bringing your shoulderblades together.

  • Man doing Swimmers during a Training at Home
  • Man doing Swimmers during a Workout

If you got no solid chairs or if bodyrows are way to hard for you, we suggest swimmers instead. This exercise is a bit different because you don’t train your biceps and lats in the same way as when you do rows. But it’s still a legit alternative to train the muscles on the backside of your body. Here you could also use some additional weight like 2 water bottles.

Squats or Lunges

Man doing Squats & Lunges during a Workout routine

Again you do 3 sets for 6-10 reps with 2 minutes rest in between. Even for beginners these exercises could be too easy and not challenging enough, at least in this rep range. In order to make it more challenging you could use additional weight. Here you could use any form of weights like dumbbells, barbells, weight plates or even a backpack filled with water bottles.

Another option would be unilateral training. So instead of squats do squats on one leg. Instead of lunges do bulgarian split squats. Of course here you have to do twice the amount of sets because you work each leg on it’s own. So you start the set with one side, rest only 1 instead of 2 minutes, work the other leg, rest 1 minute again and repeat.

Endurance exercises

The last part of this workout routine you do a more endurance focused exercise. As you can see in only 30 minutes you’ll get a very comprehensive all in one workout that’s perfect to get started.

We suggest to follow this routine for about 3-4 weeks. After that you could take the next step with our online courses. Instead of single routines you get a complete workout guide that you can follow day by day. Just visit calimove.com and choose the right one for you.

High Knee Running or Jumping Jacks

Man doing High Knee Running & Jumping Jacks during a Full Body Beginner Workout

Jumping jacks are usually easier so choose this exercise if you’re an absolute beginner. The short endurance finisher works like that. You got a total time of 4 minutes. In these 4 minutes you switch between work and rest. So you start your set and give all you got for 30 seconds. Then rest for 30 seconds and repeat. To reach the 4 minutes you have to do this 4 times in a row.

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