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While weights are one of the best ways to maximize strength and muscle gains, it’s still possible to build well trained legs without them. If you’re looking to build strong & muscular legs but don’t have access to a gym or any equipment, don’t worry – there are plenty of exercises that you can do using just your own body weight. Here is your guide to learn how to train your legs without weights. With 3 fundamental exercises and detailed training tips to help you get the best out of your workout, you’ll be ready for a new pair of strong, powerful legs!

What you will learn in this article:

Try these 3 exercises

Let´s start with some no equipment leg exercises. For this workout we chose one knee dominant movement that focuses on the quads, one hip dominant movement for the glutes and hamstrings and one ankle focused exercise for your calves. Here we will also show exercises variations with objects you surely have at home. In the third exercise the demonstration will be with a disk, but you can easily perform it using any object that allows you to be slightly elevated off the ground.

Are this leg exercises for beginners? These exercises are for any level of training. They can be done by beginners and advanced athletes. If in performing them you find them too easy for your body, simply add some weight to adjust the difficulty of the exercise.

Step Up

  • Man doing Step up on a chair during Legs training
  • Man doing Step up during Legs workout
  • Man doing Step up during a Legs workout without weights

For the step up you need a bench, a chair, a box or any other stable object. It’s also very important to choose the correct height. Too low and you limit the range of motion. Too high and you have to use momentum. To get the right center of gravity, shift your weight a bit forward, release the rear leg slowly and try to get up as controlled as possible. Knee stability is the most important point in this movement! 

Man doing doing a Step up wrong and correct while training legs without weights

Don’t shift your weight forward and backwards after each rep. Instead you keep the shifted position at all times. This makes you only slightly touch the ground with your rear leg and ensures that you keep the tension at the lowest point. 

Leg Glute Bridge

  • Man doing Leg glute bridge during a  Workout at home
  • Man doing Leg glute bridge to show how to train your legs without weights

When it comes to the single leg glute bridge you can do it on ground but we suggest the elevated version to increase the range of motion. Important tip: only place your heel on the object and press it down when raising your hips. Please also make sure to add a short hold at the top and keep your lower back as neutral as possible.

Calf Raise

  • Man doing Calf raise to show how to train your legs without weights
  • Man doing Calf raise during a Legs workout at home

When it comes to the calf raise we also suggest the elevated version. This increases the range of motion and with that optimizes muscle growth. Always make sure to keep the knee extended, but not overextend. We also suggest adding a short hold at the top of each rep. This was the last exercise of our guide “How to train your legs without weights”. Now let´s move to the workout structure!

How to structure your workout

Execution and recovery time

Image showing the  Training Structure of a Legs workout at home

All 3 sets follow the same method which is a modified rest pause training. This means you start with one leg (L1= Left Leg) and do as many reps as possible. Right after that you switch to the other leg (R1 = Right Leg) and do the same. After you’ve completed both legs you repeat this procedure until you’ve done 3 rounds for each leg

Please be aware that the amount of reps will drop significantly after you’ve completed the first round. This is quite normal because you only get short active breaks for each leg when you’re working the other one. Once you’ve completed the 3 rounds it’s time for the first real break. Here you get 3 minutes to recover before you repeat the 3 rounds one more time. After that you rest for 3 minutes again and do the same with the single glute bridge followed by the single leg calf raise.


Image showing Sets & Reps for Legs training without weights

When it comes to the reps, it would be ideal to max out at 8-15 reps in the first round of the first set of each exercise. Because of the pre exhaustion your reps will drop with each round. That’s why you do as many reps as possible. If you can easily do more than 15, you could add some extra weight

Of course there is nothing wrong with bodyweight training at a higher rep range, but be aware that this is not optimal for muscle growth. You will still build some muscle, but the main focus switches more to strength endurance training.

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Watch how to perform these 3 bodyweight legs exercises

Did you learn how to train your legs without weights? Watch our video to learn more!

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