Man showing the difference before and after 7 months of training and diet

I know, maintaining control and being strict with your diet and training every day is not an easy task. For one reason or another, anyone (including me) can lose track, because it’s just too easy and comfortable to let yourself go. But how do we get back to our ideal physical condition after a slip-up? With patience, consistency, and dedication. Hey, Sven here! In this article, I´ll show you how I transformed my body in 7 months after letting myself go a bit!

What you will learn in this article:

How everything started

Man eating junk food

Over a period of six years I was able to maintain a very lean look while still performing and feeling quite well. Then the second wave of corona hit us and within a few months I totally ruined my physique. Maybe you ask yourself right now how this happened. Well at that time I did not leave my place that often and focused on my work; In other words sitting in front of my pc while cutting videos and producing content. I also have to admit that I’m a bit into gaming, so yeah, I dumped a lot of time into this hobby too.

Of course these points are not that problematic on their own, they only get really bad if you mix them with an out of control nutrition. And that’s what I did. I ate crap on a daily basis for over four months. Here is an example I ate: two donuts, a bag of chips and some beef jerky just for breakfast. In general I ate junk and fast food nearly every day and as a result my physique was totally out of control. In a short period of time at this point I finally had enough and it took me about seven months to reclaim my physique.

Changing my habits

Man grabbing and showing his belly fat

To make this transformation successful I first had to work on my mindset. I think it’s very important to set yourself a goal that you are willing to work for. No matter how hard the grind will be. The more serious you are about that goal, the easier it gets to quit the more comfortable habits. The next step was fixing my diet. After eating crap on a daily basis it was no surprise that the less processed foods seemed way less tasty. Eating clean again was really hard in the first 2-3 weeks, but after that it got way easier.

A new diet

Training days

  • Healthy lunch to transform your body in 7 months
  • Healthy snack to transform your body in 7 months
  • Healthy dinner to transform your body in 7 months

What I ate exactly depended on the day and my mood, but here is an example of a regular workout and rest day first my workout day. For lunch I ate a whole grain bun with hummus, eggs and one persimmon. As a snack and also as my pre-workout meal I chose high protein rice cakes with some peanut butter and a low-fat yogurt as well. And for dinner, and also as my post-workout meal, I ate chicken breasts with mixed vegetables and a little bit of tomato sauce.

Rest days

  • Healthy lunch for rest days to transform your body in 7 months
  • Healthy snack for rest days to transform your body in 7 months
  • Healthy dinner for rest days to transform your body in 7 months

*The first picture contains a little editing mistake. The tuna salad does not have 800kcal, but 350kcal.

When it comes to my rest day I ate tuna salad with tomatoes and olives for lunch. As a snack in between I had a whole grain bun with low-fat harz cheese, hummus, tomatoes, some mixed nuts and two kiwis. And for dinner I had low-fat yogurt with some blueberries.

Intermittent fasting & calories cycling

  • Intermittent fasting to transform your body in 7 months
  • Calories cycling to transform your body in 7 months

Besides fixing my diet I also used two other methods to increase my results. First I included intermittent fasting, which means that I ate all my calories in a set time window. That’s also the reason why I skipped my breakfast on the meal samples. And second I cycled the daily calorie intake. So on workout days I ate a bit more and on rest days a bit less. Alright guys now you know how I fixed my mindset and my nutrition but what about my workouts?

My workouts

  • Man doing hanging abs and showing a bad workout
  • Man doing hanging abs and showing a good workout

Well believe it or not I still trained about three times a week when i looked like this, but of course I was way less motivated and only did the least amount of work. Summarized less exercises, less training volume, no variety. I neglected the correct rest times and on top of that I’ve totally lost my focus. To make a change I added up the frequency and volume a bit, aiming for progressive overload and put 100% focus and effort into my training again. All these changes combined really make a difference and you would be surprised how much you can achieve with optimization.

The right routine for you

Man eating rice cookies with yogurth and peanut butter

So guys, here is how I transformed my body in 7 months. Please keep in mind that this is what worked best for me and of course you can modify some of these points. Intermittent fasting for example may not work for you or suit your daily life schedule, but there is no way around fixing your nutrition, keeping an eye on your calorie intake and optimizing your workouts. One last tip: don’t force yourself to follow a diet you can’t stand on a daily basis. Instead try to find the right foods that fit your taste while still sticking to your dieting goals. 

Alright guys, if you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to get similar results as me you should head over to and check our workout and nutrition programs. No matter if you want to build muscle, get lean or increase your strength: We got the right program for you.

Whatch the video of Sven’s transformation

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