man and woman doing a full body workout

No matter if you like to train outside, can’t make it to the gym or simply prefer to exercise at home, the following 7-minute full body workout is the perfect routine to train wherever you want – no equipment needed. Whether you’re on vacation, traveling for work, or just don’t have access to a gym, this 7-minute training is perfect for keeping your fitness routine on track. With just a few simple exercises that target all major muscle groups, this workout will get your heart pumping and leave you feeling energized and refreshed. Best of all, it can be done in just a few minutes, making it easy to fit into even the busiest of schedules.

What you will learn in this article:

Exercise 1: Cobra Push Up

  • Man and woman doing a cobra push up
  • Man and woman showing the steps of a cobra push up
  • Man and woman doing a cobra push up during full body workout

Ready to start? In this workout you do each exercise for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds until you start with the next one. Ok, let´s go! The cobra push up is similar to the hindu push up with the only difference that you do a normal horizontal instead of a pike push up . This is much better if you want to target your shoulders, chest and triceps in a more balanced way.

The cobra movement after the push up is the same in both exercises and focuses on your spine mobility while emphasizing the muscles on your back. If you aren’t able to do this exercise you can make it easier by skipping the concentric part of the push up and only do the negative one. So you let yourself down slowly move into the cobra and go back in the starting position again.

Exercise 2: Skater Lunge

  • Man and woman doing skater lounge
  • Man and woman doing skater lounges

Here you do 30 seconds with the right and 30 seconds with the left side. This exercise requires strength, coordination and balance at the same time. So if you’re a beginner we suggest the easier version. Here you do the same movement but without the jump. The skater lunge is a contralateral movement so when you raise the left leg you raise the right arm at the same time and vice versa.

Exercise 3: Plank Toe Tab

  • Woman doing plank toe tab
  • Fit woman doing plank toe tab

The third exercise is the plank toe tab. Here you get a great mix between mobility and strength. This exercise mainly targets your abs and shoulders in the upper body and stretches your hamstrings in the lower part. You can make this exercise harder  in terms of mobility if you simply close your legs a little bit more.

Exercise 4: Single Leg Bridge Raise

  • Woman doing single leg bridge raise during workout
  • Fit woman doing single leg bridge raise

This exercise works nearly all muscles on the backside of your body while stretching your shoulders and biceps. When it comes to the execution make sure to switch legs in each rep and extend your spine. It’s not a problem if you can’t raise your body that high, just work with your current range of motion and try to improve yourself in every workout. If you aren’t able to raise your body at all just do it with both legs on the ground. 

Exercise 5: In & Out Squat

  • Woman and man doing in & out squat during full body workout
  • Fit woman and man doing in & out squat during full body workout

As in the normal squat you will work nearly all muscles on your lower body. The goal is to go as deep as possible into the squat without sacrificing proper form. Always keep your heels on the ground and your spine in a neutral position. Knee stabilization is also very important so don’t jump too high or go too deep if you aren’t able to stabilize your joints.

Exercise 6: Crab Walk

Fit woman doing crab walk during a full body workout

This exercise has nearly the same benefits as the Single Leg Bridge Raise but is still different because it requires more stability and coordination. The crab walk is a contralateral movement and many of you will know this exercise from their school days. If you got no space around you, you can also do this exercise right on the spot. You can do the crab walk with your butt close to the ground but we suggest to raise it as high as possible.

Exercise 7: Tuck Jump

Man and woman doing tuck jump

This last exercise of our 7-minute full body workout is a great finisher that gets your heart pumping. Here you do 3 small jumps on the spot followed by a fourth big one. The most important point is that you only jump that high that you are able to stabilize your ankles and knees. The goal is to land smoothly as a cat after every jump. 

All right guys, this was the complete routine. It’s perfect if you have no equip and just want to get a workout done quickly. If you’re looking for more specific workouts to improve your mobility, build muscle or increase your strength you should visit calimove.com

Watch the video and train with us!

Watch the video and do with us this 7-minute full body workout!

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