Man with thumbs down showing Workout mistakes of Beginners

Beginners often make mistakes that keep them from getting the most out of their workouts. Even worse, they end up getting injured and can’t train at all. To make your workouts more effective, you should correct these 3 beginner workout mistakes. Even if you’re not a beginner, you can improve your workouts and outcomes if you consider these tips.

What you will learn in this article:

1st beginner workout mistake: Poor joint stabilization

Man training showing Workout mistakes

The first mistakes is bad form because of poor joint stabilization. This can occur on almost every exercise and has different aspects. First example: Too quick execution. If you’re doing your reps too quickly, it’s easier to cheat and much easier to lose muscle tension and with that joint stabilization. Especially in the eccentric part of a movement it’s very easy to cheat by just letting yourself fall down and let gravity do it’s work. 

The second example is poor joint stabilization because of a too hard movement or too much weight. As already mentioned you have to learn the movement, so you need full control over your muscles and joints. If you’re doing too hard exercises or use too much weight you won’t be able to do that.

If you aren’t able to perform a skill with proper from you have to go a step backwards. Do you need help training properly? Take a look at our Workout Programs. They are divided by level and thanks to the follow along videos it will be easier to do all the exercises correctly. For each course you can also find a beginner workout routine!

2nd beginner workout mistake: Skipping a proper preparation

Man with shoulder pain because of 3 Beginner Mistakes

The second of these 3 beginner workout mistakes is related to preparation. If you are not used to working out, you should start every workout program with a prep phase. This means that you should avoid too hard exercises, too much training volume and too much training in general. 

A good prep phase usually comes with easier exercises and a higher rep range. This is because you have more reps for learning the execution and a lower stress for your muscles, tendons &  ligaments, which reduces the risk of injury. It’s also very important to consider specific preparation exercises for certain joints.

The less you are used to working out & the higher the resistance you use…

  • the larger the small micro trauma in your muscles 
  • the longer the time for regeneration 
  • and the lower the improvement rate 

3rd beginner workout mistake: Always training till failure

Man doing bench press training till failure

You don’t have to go all out in every set and every workout to grow and get stronger. Of course this doesn’t mean it’s wrong to train to failure in general. Training until failure has it’s place, but as a beginner you first have to learn the movement and to prepare your joints, ligaments and tendons.

If you train until failure in every set you are likely to injure yourself because of the lack of preparation and experience in general. A good indicator is muscle soreness. If you’re constantly sore for longer than 3 days you are simply doing too much. Of course you have to challenge yourself but muscle failure is only one part of that.

Intensity is another important parameter. This is how much resistance you use or how hard the exercise is. In some cases it could make sense to simply use more weight or a harder progression of an exercise instead of training to failure. The other parameter is training volume. This means how many sets and reps per workout you do in total. So instead of training to failure you could do more sets of an exercise. 

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